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Pleated Beads and Pearls necklace by Nina Kersten of Cave Creek, Arizona
Starfish, Sm
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Leather - 6 Strand, 3 Feet
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Pearlesque Capture
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3mm Hollow
Knitted Wire - 25 Ft Spools
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Customer Gallery
Aqua Shibori Necklace
Bracelet by Hans Bennion. Hans created this fabulous knotted bracelet using SilverSilk Pearlesque in Black.
Braided Necklace by Hans Bennion. Hans used SilverSilk Capture Knit in Rose Gold to create this beautiful braided necklace in honor of breast cancer awareness..
Fruit Cluster Necklace by Nora Farnsworth. Elizabeth Johnson Fruit Beads are the focus of this lucsious grouping. It includes a small blueberry, blackberry, lingonberry, unripe blueberry, peach and small Czech leaves, all on a silver Twig.
Mary Watson-Chavez Teardrop Necklace. Mary used Teardrop beads, silver plated "Pringles" and pearls to create this piece for the Seattle WA Pancreatic Cancer auction 2015.
Necklace by MaryAnn Somers of Moon Eye Design. Gingko leaf, tube beads and teardrops.
Necklace by Molly Stock of Albion, Washington. Glass tube beads (Sonoran Beads) with blue tiger eye, amber, hessonite garnet, and gold-filled beads.
Necklace by Molly Stock of Albion, Washington. Sea shells (Sonoran Beads) strung with a variety of gemstone, glass, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver beads, chips, nuggets, and drops.
Necklace by Nora Farnsworth. SilverSilk 3mm capture chain, coiled in a pendant tray. Pearlesque Capture Pendant.
Pleated Beads and Pearls Necklace by Nina Kersten of Cave Creek, Arizona
Russian Spiral Gingko Leaf Necklace by Donna Fromhagen
Tidal Pool Necklace by Nina Kersten of Cave Creek, Arizona.
Toggle Necklace. Designed by Nina Kersten. A bead crocheted cord finished with Glass End Caps, donuts and a Large Disk. This design can be easily worked in Kumihimo as well.
Underwater Friends by Trudi Watkins of Katy, Texas. Winner of the "First Time Entry" at Hoffmann Challenge and will be in the Traveling show to all of the quilt festivals for a year!
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