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Beaded Jewelry Designs

Are you stumped on what sort of design to create for your next beading project? Sometimes a little inspiration from another beading enthusiast is all it takes to start producing beautiful, articulate pieces of DIY beaded jewelry. Browse our selection of downloadable PDF beading projects to make your own jewelry using jewelry chain and beads offered right here at Sonoran Beads!

While many of our customers like to work completely off of our jewelry designs, we encourage you to great creative with them and take your design in a completely different direction. Share your designs with us and we will put them up here with some of our own! To download some of these beading projects just click on the image and print the instructions. They are PDF files that require the Adobe Reader that can be downloaded from

Sophia Bracelet - Black Currant
Materials List:

18 in Pistachio Capture Chain #2950
1 set Silver Plated Triple End Caps #2750
1 Silver Plated FloralToggle Clasp 3648 Ant. Silver
1 Pkg. Purple (Black Currant) Crescents #4222
1 Size 10 Beading Needle #1810

4 - 3.5mm or 4mm jump rings
small amount Size 15 seed beads
Beading Thread
Sophia Bracelet - Holiday Colors
Materials List:

18 inTangerine Capture Chain #2737
1 set Gold Plated Triple End Caps #2751
1 Gold Plated Decorative Toggle Clasp 3647 Gold
1 Pkg. Atlantis Green Crescents #4219
1 Size 10 Beading Needle #1810
4 jump rings
Size 15 seed beads
Beading Thread

Purchase Kit Holiday Colors #7000hc
Sophia Bracelet - Metallic Copper
Materials List:

18 in Metallic Copper Capture Chain #2504
1 set Goldr Plated Triple End Caps #2751
1 Decorative Toggle Clasp #3647 Ant.Copper
1 Pkg. Metallic Rose Crescents #4221
1 Size 10 Beading Needle #1810

4 - 3.5mm or 4mm jump rings
small amount Size 15 seed beads
Beading Thread in corresponding color.
Sophia Bracelet - Silver Shadow
Materials List:

18 in Silver Shadow Pearlesque Capture Chain #2960SS
1 set Silver Plated Triple End Caps #2750
1 Silver Plated Floral Toggle Clasp #3648 Ant Silver
1 Pkg. Czech Mate Crescents #4220
1 Size 10 Beading Needle #1810

4 - 3.5mm or 4mm jump rings
small amount Size 15 seed beads
Beading Thread

Purchase Kit Silver Shadow #7000SS

String of Galaxy Pearls
Are you feeling luminous? Quickly put this Galaxy Knitted Wire and glass pearl necklace together and see how the colors of the enamel coated wire are enhanced by the pearlescent sheen of the pearls. It is especially enticing with the variegated Galaxy colors - so many color combinations to choose from. Add a bracelet and your'e living in luxury.

Materials List:
1 - 24" package of Galaxy - Polaris #3757
1 - package (50pc) 8mm Glass Pearls #3765
1 - Acrylic Oval Magnetic Clasp - Pearl - #3725
Ava Bracelet
Ava Bracelet. This stunning bracelet is sparkling with crystal brilliance. Strands of Pearlesque AB Capture Chain are stitched to strands of Crystal Cup Chain with little seed beads. The result is an elegant bracelet that will be the envy of all.

Materials List:

26 in. SilverSllk Rose Gold Pearlesque Capture Chain #2941
19.5 in.Crystal Cup Chain #4101
1 pair of Antique Brass Tube End Caps #3588
1 Starry Night Clasp #3293

Czech Leaf and Teardrops Bracelets
Here's an easy slip-on, slip-off bracelet. It's easy to make, uses elastic and you don't have to worry about size or a clasp because it stretches to fit. Use 12x7mm Czech Pressed Glass Leaves and colorful boro glass Teardrops. You can cluster two or three bracelets together and you can wear them as a bangle! Choose your own color combinations; we have lots of beautiful Teardrops. A great "under $25" holiday gift.
Dragon's Tail Galaxy Necklace
Combining SilverSilk Galaxy and SilverSilk Hollow allows you to create a beautiful rope for that special big hole bead. It's a simple process and best of all you can use SilverSilk end caps to finish it, no gluing necessary! Using Gold Hollow inside Whirlpool Galaxy creates a gorgeous spiral pattern..

Materials List:
1 - 24" package of SilverSilk Galaxy, #3757 Whirlpool
1 - 24" package Hollow knit - Gold #3248
1 - Floral Toggle Clasp - Pewter, #3687
1 - set pewter end caps - gold plate #3753G
1 - Prism bead, Dragon's Tail #22490
Galaxy Necklace
Welcome to SilverSilk's new Galaxy Knitted Wire!

A variety of items can be used to fill the 6mm hollow knit tube.For this necklace we strung glass pearls and crystals and enclosed them in the hollow tube. We chose Saturn, the solid gold knit, but there aree 24 other color combinations to choose from.

Materials List:

1 - 24" Pkg. SilverSilk Galaxy - G_Saturn
1 - 50 pc. pkg. 6mm Glass Pearls #3717Natural
2 - 25pc pkg. 6mm Bi-cone Crystals - Lt. Topaz, 2xAB #3212
1 - Bamboo Magnetic Clasp. - 6mm #2954

Hooked on Leather Bracelet
SilverSilk Leather, a Hook Clasp and some 2mm crimps make this distinctive bracelet.

Materials List:

24" SilverSilk Leather - Silver wire over black leather. #3627
1 - Antique Silver Hook Clasp, #3736
3 - Packages Leather Components, #3738

Alternate color:

Antique Brass Clasp #3735
Gold over Black Leather #3627
Antique Brass Components #3737
Hooked on Leather Two
A new take on our popular Hooked on Leather bracelet. We added some of our boro glass Slider beads to make a great looking variation of a unique bracelet.

Materials List:

Cobalt duplex with Silver/Grey Leather

21.5 inches Silver/Gray Capture Leather #3627
1 Antique Silver Hook Clasp #3735
1 Cobalt Blue Duplex Slider #3419-9

Loam duplex with Gold/Black Leather

Gold/black leather #3627
Gold plated Hook clasp #3736
Loam slider #3419-8
Lustrous Metallic Thread Necklace - Antique Gold
Create a beautiful multi-strand necklace using lustrous metallic thread:

Materials List:
1 - spool Metallic Thread - #3595 Antique Gold
1 - Elizabeth Johnson Peach #J121
1 - pair 6mm gold plated end caps #3770
1 - vermeil toggle clasp #3636
3 - 3.5mm gold plated jump rings #3344
1 - Etched Hinged Bale - Gold - #65
Lustrous Metallic Thread Necklace - Aquamarine
Create a beautiful multi-strand necklace using lustrous metallic thread:

Materials List:
1 - spool Metallic Thread - #3595 Aquamarine
1 - Prism Pendant Bead #22441
1 - pair 8mm silver plated end caps #3769
1 - silver plated hook & eye clasp #3226
2 - 3.5mm silver colored jump rings
Lustrous Metallic Thread Necklace - Bronze
Create a beautiful multi-strand necklace using lustrous metallic thread:

Materials List:
1 - spool Metallic Thread - # 3595 Bronze
1 - Prism Pendant Bead #22488
1 - pair 8mm silver plated end caps #3769
1 - vermeil toggle clasp #3636
2 - 3.5mm gold plated jump rings #3344
Lustrous Metallic Thread Necklace - Verdigris
Create a beautiful multi-strand necklace using lustrous metallic thread:

Materials List:
1 - spool Metallic Thread - #3595 Verdigris
1 - pair 8mm gold plated end caps #3769
1 - vermeil toggle clasp #3636
2 - 3.5mm gold plated jump rings #3344
Orbit Rings
You only need one 9-10 inch piece of SilverSilk Leather to make this unique ringt. One 3-ft piece yields two bracelets and a ring!

Materials List:

9-10 inches Silver/Gray Capture Leather #3627
1 pair Short Terminators - silver #3657
1 Cobalt Blue Duplex Slider #3419-9


Gold/black leather #3627
Short terminators, gold #3657
Loam slider #3419-8
SilverSilk Pearl Necklace
Match the opalescent shimmer of freshwater coin pearls to the AB luster of Pearlesque Capture Chain for an elegant delicate statement. Wear with jeans or your favorite "out to dinner" outfit.

Click image for instructions

Materials List:
1 yd Purple Pearlesque capture chain, #2960
10 Coin Pearls #3417
1 - strand 2.5mm Potato Pearls #3724
1 - set Single SilverSilk silver plated end caps #2589
1 - Ribbon Clasp #3226
1 - set Big Eye needles - 2 1/4 " #1808
1 - Fireline Beading thread #1820
Sparkle Necklace
Slide some Crystalett crystal buttons onto SilverSilk 3 Needle Round and you have a feather light, sparkling multi-strand necklace.

Materials List:

1 - 5ft package of 3Needle Round SilverSilk, #2456, Silver
2 - 20pc packages Crystallett Buttons - #3733 (your color choice).
1-pr SilverSilk Brass Silver Plated End Caps, #2589.
4 - 3.5mm silver colored jump rings, #3344.
1 - Pewter Toggle Clasp, #3647.

WireLuxe Chili Peppers Necklace
WireLuxe is a fabulous knitted wire that you can twist, shape and curve. It is endlessly versatile, amazing to style and luxurious to wear.  Create this beautiful necklace in Paprika or, if this color is too spicy for you, choose from over 14 colors of WireLuxe.  Necklace opening is approximately 18 inches PLUS a 3 inch extender chain.  Project is suitable for a beginner knowledgeable in the basics of jewelry making.
Beads on Silk
Showcase your large holed beads or Pandora style beads on a soft silk cord. Our Duplex beads are a perfect choice with many colors available. For something really special why not add some Elizabeth Johnson Pandora Style blueberries? It's simple yet gorgeous and soft against your skin, a perfect necklace for spring. we have all you need to create something special!

Materials List -Duplex Necklace: 24" Petite Silk Cord #SH02 8 Mini rings, #2559, your color choice 1 set Sterling Silver hook & eye crimp #669

Materials List - Blueberry Necklace: 24" Petite Silk Cord #SH03 6 Mini rings, #2559, your color choice 3 Pandora Blueberries #J103P 1 set Sterling Silver hook & eye crimp #669
Bolo Bling Necklace
Put some bling on your bolo with this fabulous piece!  Made using SilverSilk Capture knit, crystals and a flower made with the FunJig, this necklace will definitely make a statement.  This colorway is perfect for the holidays, but would be just as beautirul in spring, summer or fall colors as well.

Materials LIst

3 - pkg SilverSilk Capture knit or Pearlesque capture knit #2939
1 - pkg SilverSilk triple strand end caps #2750
1 - casp #2833
3 - pkg SilverSilk Terminators #3656
1 - FunJig #3669
Coconut Dreams Necklace
Are you dreaming of coconuts on a sandy beach someplace warm and tropical?  Make this necklace for yourself, click those heels together and transport yourself to an island paradise - in your dreams, of course!  Choose from a wide variety of coconut colors and SilverSilk colors on our website.  Sweet Dreams and happy beading from Sonoran Beads!

Materials List

1 - Strand of boro Coconut Beads. #21864
18" - SilverSilk Silver 3 Needle Round knitted wire #2456
14 - 3x3 Crimp beads #2532
Coiled Hollow Necklace
Our latest Free Project uses SilverSilk's Hollow Knit shaped into a coil. This necklace is light as a feather and the iridescent threads in the Pearlesque Capture Chain make it sparkle. Capture Terminators are used to give the coil a polished finish. Everything is available at The Terminators are presently on Sale!

Materials List:

1 - 3' pkg. SilverSilk Hollow Knit - Rose Gold. #3248RG
1 - 3' pkg. SilverSilk Pearlesque Capture - Purple #2960P
1 - Acrylic Oval Magnetic Clasp - Rose - #3725silver
1 - Pair SilverSilk Short Terminators - Silver plated - #3657silver
Coin Knot Bracelet
Use two strands of SilverSilk Pearlesque capture chain to make this unique knotted bracelet.

Materials List:

36" Shimmering Copper Pearlesque capture chain, #2960
36" Silver Pearlesque capture chain , #2960
2 Barrel Slider Beads, #3420
1 set gold plated SilverSilk double (two-strand) end caps #2748
1 Antique Gold ball and socket clasp #3307
2 - 3.5mm jump rings, Gold, #3418gold3.5
Crocheted WireLace Necklace
Elegant and sophisticated, this necklace is so lightweight you'll hardly know you're wearing it.  Crocheted with 1mm WireLace and crystal bi-cones using a simple chain stitch, you'll be able to whip this up in time for that special occasion this evening!
Crystaletts on WireLace Necklace
Introducing Crystalett crystal buttons and the newest color of WireLace, Ocean Mist. Slide 3mm crystal buttons onto 3mm WireLace for a sparkling, feather light, multi-strand necklace.

Materials List:
1 - 5yd spool of 3mm Ocean Mist WireLace - #3281 Ocean Mist
1 20pc package Crystaletts - #3733 Aqua
1 - Magnetic Acrylic Clasp - #3725 Pearl White
Gingko Leaf Necklace
Gingko means peace and longevity in Japan.


Lg. Gingko Leaf bead
Tube beads
Teardrop beads
4mm cubes
Leaf toggle clasp
Other color combinations:
Mini Rings Bracelet
Fast, fun and fabulous!! Here's a quick and easy chainmaille project... Connect our boro glass mini-rings with pairs of 6.5mm jump rings for a gorgeous bracelet. Then finish it off with one of our beautiful boro magnetic clasps to match!

Materials List:

Mini Rings
Jump Rings, 6.5mm, 18ga
Boro glass magnetic clasp
Not Just Knots
This Free Project will make you look like you spent the day beachcombing in the Hamptons! Scallop shells, spiral moon shells, starfish. They're all there, dangling from strands of C-Lon among the teardrops, crystals and seed beads. This project begins and ends with Kumihimo, but takes a break in the middle for some knotting. A great project for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced beaders. See these other color options:
Out on a Limb Necklace
Create this stunning piece using spiral herringbone stitch.  Embellish the rope with a Dora Beth pewter branch, glass teardrops and czech leaves.  Then finish it off with Dora Beth calla lily beads and a sterling silver clasp.
Pearlesque Capture Pendant
SilverSilk Pearlesque Capture Chain coiled inside a pendant tray makes for an elegant and easy necklace. The embellishment possibilities are endless.  We used a Czech glass button and can use many small items from our bead drawer. Have fun!
Materials List:
36" SilverSilk Golden Pearlesque Capture Chain
1 - Extra large pendant tray #3690Silver
1 - Button #3299Rose
1 - Set of gold plated SilverSilk single capture end caps #2477 1 - toggle clasp #FT3 2 - 3.5mm jump rings #3344 gold
Pebbled Beach Bracelet
This project uses both large and mini pebble beads, two sizes of jump rings and an s-clasp. It's quick and easy to work up and results in a fun and fabulous bracelet! Mix and match colors for a more dramatic affect!

Materials List:

1 strand large pebble beads #22575
1 strand mini-pebble beads #22576
7 6mm 18ga jump rings #3418copper6
14 4mm 18ga jump rings #3418coppper
44 3mm 18ga jump rings #3418copper3
1 S-Clasp #3345copper
Shibori Deluxe
Shibori Silk and WireLuxe, what a perfect match! We have over 20 colors of hand-dyed Shibori Silk and 14 colors of WireLuxe for you to combine into an elegant - may we say - "Deluxe" necklace.

Materials List

24" WireLuxe #3703 Sable
1 - Shibori Silk, #2725Forest Pine
1 - set 200mm Ribbon Crimp Ends, #3293
1 - Starry Night clasp - Gold #3293
SilverSilk Cubed
Nina Kersten had so many customers ask her to make this SilverSilk Cubed necklace a Free Project she finally sat down and wrote the instructions. This example uses Black Eight Needle Flat and black iris 4mm cubes. We've had another style on display at our bead shows, Bronze eight needle flat and Peridot 4mm cubes. It's just as gorgeous in any number of color combinations. Simple and elegant, you will love how it lays when it is beign worn.

Materials List:

1 pkg. SilverSilk 8 Needle Flat - 5 ft.
1 pkg. SilverSilk 5mm crimp ends.
1 Toggle clasp
1 - 2 1/2" tube 4mm cube beads

From your stash:

3mm jump rings

Sonoran Leaves Necklace
Use our large and small glass Sonoran Leaves for an easy-to-complete stringing project. We have eight colors to choose from!
Three Strand Leather Capture Bracelet
SilverSilk Leather is created with 6 wires finely woven around a 2mm leather cord that has been treated. This combination of a non tarnish  wire over  leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord.

Nora used three pieces of the SilverSilk leather,  silver plated brass 3-strand crimp ends and one Duplex Slider bead to make the bracelet. The chain is silver wire over black leather.  Simple and easy!

24" SilverSilk Leather, silver wire over black leather #2463SilverBlack,
1 - Boro Duplex Slider Bead #3419-7
1 - set Silver plated SilverSilk Triple Capture End Caps #2750
2 3mm jump rings #3418
WireLuxe WireLace Bracelet
New!  WireLuxe and WireLace have woven themselves together into a luxurious bracelet.  It's a match made in heaven with endless embellishment possibilities!  We have WireLuxe and WireLace in all their glorious colors at Sonoran Beads.  Happy Beading!

Materials List:
9" WireLuxe, Laguna #3702Laguna
1 yd. 12mm WireLace, Pale Silver #1662
1 pr. 20mm Ribbon crimps #3587Silver
1 Starry Night clasp #3293Silver
Easy Breezy Floral Necklace & Earrings
Time to gear up for summer and nothing could be easier than this light and breezy floral necklace and earring ensemble. Fine oval chain and lucite flowers studded with crystals make this necklace perfect for hot summer days. Mix and match colors for some fun or make it up in a single color for a more sophisticated look.

Materials List:

1-16" length of silver oval chain.  #2315
1-Silver hook clasp  #3216
7-Lucite flowers #981
7-Swarovski bi-cone crystals #3212
7-3x4mm silver oval jump rings #3355
1-pr. French earring wires

Mini Ring Bracelet
Hereís a fun and easy project using a colorful assortment of our mini-rings, magnetic clasps and silver plated jump rings. For a more sophisticated look create it in a single color. What a great addition to your wardrobe!
Multi-Strand WireLace Necklace
Light and elegant, this necklace will grace your neck day or night. Created with the new 3mm WireLace, it is available in 30 delicious colors. This is a great project for using up your seed bead and crystal remnents.


3mm WireLace
Starry Night clasp
Clamshell crimps
Reversible Braided Bracelet
Materials List:

SilverSilk Eight-needle flat
Duplex slider bead
Pewter magnetic clasp
Shibori Silk Necklace
Shibori silk is so luscious and elegant. This necklace is so easy you'll be able to make one for yourself and one for a friend.

Materials List:
Shibori silk
Prism beads
Toggle clasp
Cone end caps
Shibori Silk Necklace - Pink Clover
Here is another color choice for the Shibori necklace. This one features a Large Hole Donut as the focal bead.

Materials List:
Shibori silk
Toggle clasp
Cone end caps
Lg hole donut beads
Silk on Silk Necklace - Blue Rose
Wrap yourself in luxury with this hand-dyed Shibori silk necklace.  We use one yard of Shibori silk and a 24" piece of Grande Silk Cord, finished with our exclusive glass end caps and a beautiful ribbon clasp. There are lots of colors of Shibori silk and Grande silk cord to choose from on our Fibers page.

Materials List
Shibori silk - 1 yd. Blue Rose
Grande Silk Cord - Champagne
5 coin pearls, 11-13mm
Boro End Caps - Moss
Oval jump rings, 3x4mm
Ribbon clasp - silver plate
Silk on Silk Necklace - Passion
Wrap yourself in luxury with this hand-dyed Shibori silk necklace.  We use one yard of Shibori silk and a 24" piece of Grande Silk Cord, finished with our exclusive glass end caps and a beautiful ribbon clasp. There are lots of colors of Shibori silk and Grande silk cord to choose from on our Fibers page.

Materials List
Shibori silk - Passion
Grande Silk cord - Sunmist
5 coin pearls, 11-13mm
Boro end caps, Deep Purple
Oval jump rings, 3x4mm
Brass ribbon clasp
Simply Shibori Necklace
Shibori silk makes an elegant necklace by itself or showcasing a favorite pendant. Itís now so easy to put this together with our new custom made 20mm flat end caps. We have them available in four finishes; Silver Plate, Brass, Copper and Gun Metal. As always our findings are nickel and lead-free.

Shibori silk
20mm flat end crimps
Lg coin bead
Etched bale
Starfish and Pearls Bracelet
Look what Nina Kersten did with WireKnitZ, Starfish beads, glass pearls and our glass endcaps! She explains it all in the instructions that you can print or download and save.

Glass cone end caps
Small starfish beads
Preciosa glass pearls
3000 Series WireKnitz 9"
Duplicity Necklace
Feeling duplicitous?  Then here's the perfect ensemble for you!  Duplicity is a gorgeously simple and elegant design.  You can whip it up in minutes using SIlverSilk Capture Knit, end caps and duplex beads.  With a wide range of colors available in Capture Knit and Duplex beads you have endless possibilities!

SilverSilk Capture Knit
Glass end caps
Duplex beads
3-strand crimps
2-strand crimps
Ribbon clasp
Lark's Head Ring Bracelet
Need a gift for a your mom, a friend, or yourself? Our Larkshead Ring Bracelet is quick, easy, and beautiful! Using our SilverSilk capture knit and end caps, a medium ring, and a toggle clasp you can have the project whipped up in no time. Change out the medium ring for a large ring and use a longer piece of the capture knit and you have a great necklace, too!
Lilac Lace Necklace
Leaf clusters, floral head pins, WireLace...Oh my! This is a perfect little necklace for summer parties. The color combinations are endless. There are 18 different colors of leaf clusters and 31 colors of WireLace!

Materials List
Leaf clusters, Violet
Floral Head Pins
6mm WireLace
May Flowers
April showers bring May flowers! Floral headpins and Czech leaves on a silver Twig make a cute little focal piece just in time for that summer garden party. Hang one from a SilverSilk three needle round chain or make two and hang them from french ear wires for a dramatic pair of earrings.

Materials List
Floral head pins
Czech leaves
Silver twig
SilverSilk chain
Earring Wires
WireLace Teardrop Necklace
Here's a fabulous way to use 6mm WireLace. Weave it into your design between clusters of borosilicate teardrops and crystals. Finish it off with 4mm cubes and you've got a beautiful and unique necklace. Change the colors and you can have a whole wardrobe of them!

Materials list
6mm WireLace
Teardrop beads
4mm cubes
Toggle clasp
Bi-cone crystals
Be My Valentine Necklace
We used our Grande Silk Cord and an interchangeable Pendant Suspension to make this Valentine's Day necklace. The pendant suspension, which can be used on a variety of cords, allows you to easily change the focal bead.

Materials list
Pendant suspension
Grande silk cord

Diamond Earrings
Diamonds are a girlís best friend! Here we pair our small diamonds with our mini-rings. All are neatly hung from silver earwires and silver plated jump- rings. Choose from a variety of colors for diamonds that you can actually afford!

Materials List
Jump rings, 8mm
Mini rings
Diamond beads, small
French earring wires
Earrings! Earrings! Earrings!
Nora combined SilverSilk Capture chain and findings with some of our small glass beads to create some fast and easy earrings.

Sm Starfish beads
SilverSilk capture chain
Double end caps
Earring wires
Sm oval beads
Sm disk beads
Glass mini rings
Love Knot Necklace
Create this lovely project using SilverSilk's capture knit and end caps! Dangle boro heart beads from the ends of a love knot and add an elegant clasp and youíve got just the thing to wear for Valentineís Day. Change the dangles to our small Sonoran Leaves and you've got a great alternate design.

Materials List
SilverSilk capture knit
Sonoran Leaves
Ribbon clasp
SilverSilk end caps
Seashell and Kazuri Bracelet
Boro glass and Kazuri beads, what a great combination! This quick and easy project pairs our boro seashell and donut beads with Kazuri shales and seed beads and finishes with a brass or silver toggle. Easy and oh, so beautiful. Kits are available in five colors.

Materials List
Seashell beads
Donut beads
Kazuri shale
Toggle clasp
SilverSilk Donut Necklace
Held in place by crimp beads that are hidden by crimp covers, the boro glass donuts seem to float on the SilverSilk Three-needle Round wire in this project that is finished with a crimp end clasp. This example is worked in brass wire and brown-toned donuts but is also stunning in silver wire and cobalt rounds.

Materials List
Donut beads
SilverSilk 3-needle round
Brass crimp ends
3x3 crimps
Duplex Bracelet and Earring Set
Use our duplex beads, clusters of teardrop beads, and a clasp to make this quick and easy bracelet and earring set. All you need from yourTear stash is a few crystals and beading wire. We even have the ear wires. Color combinations are almost limitless!

Materials List
Duplex beads
Teardrop beads
Earring wires
Bi-Cone Crystals

Garden Party Earrings
Beautiful art glass flower buds, delicate Czech lampwork leaves and french ear wires make a gorgeous pair of earrings suitable for a garden party. Pair the earrings up with our May Flowers free project and you'll have the ensemble of the season!
Sea Catch Necklace
Scallops, starfish, spiral moon shells and pearls set atop a length of 12mm WireLace that adorns a strand of silk piping in this nautically themed project. Finished with a spiral shell magnetic clasp it screams SEASHORE!

Materials List
Silk Piping
Scallop shells
Spiral Moon shells
12mm WireLace
Silver end caps, glue-in
Sonoran Boro and Silver Component Bracelet
Sterling silver components, clasp, and plated jumprings are all you need to complete this elegant bracelet. Replace one of the components with a watch face and you'll have a watchband like no other. Change the square components to diagonal components for a more delicate style.
Spring Leaves Necklace
This project couldn't be simpler or more beautiful! Delicate Czech lampwork leaves dangle from a sterling silver twig for a fabulous focal. The focal "bead" hangs, by way of an etched hinged bale, from a twelve-strand Italian seed bead necklace that you don't even have to make. How easy is that! Choose from dozens of colors of leaves and several necklace colors to get that perfect combination!

Materials List:
Czech lampwork leaves
Sterling silver or vermeil twig
12-strand Italian seed bead necklace
Etched Bales
Glass Tile and Pearl Necklace
Pearls and boro glass, what a great combination! Our boro glass tile beads nestle between pearl tiles in this gorgeous piece. Add some rice pearls, seed beads and a beautiful clasp and Voila!, you have a masterpiece!

Materials List
Glass tile beads
4mm cubes
Toggle clasp