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WireLace Mesh Ribbon

WireLace® beautifully blends fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminum together and then bonds them with an enamel coating to produce bright, bold colors. This nickel free wire mesh ribbon is waterproof, heat resistant under 265 degrees and can be shaped and molded into a variety of forms as standalone art projects or the base of clay, plaster or paper mache creations. Perfect for twisting, bending or pinching, WireLace is versatile and functional enough for any type of project you’re working on.

Contact us today to hear more about this great jewelry-making material and be sure to check out our projects page for some inspiration on how to use WireLace in your next design!

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The Basics and Beyond - WireLace Necklace Instructions FunJig
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $39.00
necklace instructions FunJig tool
3208 - WireLace Necklace Instructions. A ten-strand necklace of 1mm Wirelace and 4mm bicone crystals. The Basics and Cluster styles use 5 yds of 1mm Wirelace for an 18-inch necklace. Includes instructions for Curley and Group Staggered styles as well. Create stunning dimensional flowers on the FunJig with WireLace, colored wire, epoxy clay and Swarovski Elements. Instructions show how to make three different flower sizes on the FunJig. With just one yard of 6mm WireLace make a larger flower with less petals or a smaller one with more petals. Sculpt the petals to curve up, down, straight or a combination - it's all up to you!
Supplies needed for a basic WireLace Flower:
1 yard 6mm WireLace ( your color choice ).
5 feet, 24 gauge colored craft wire, match to the WireLace color as close as possible.
5 grams (approx.) Epoxy clay.

Tired of jigs where the pegs don't stay put?  Or the pegs are too short to keep the wire from popping off?
What if you could comfortably hold the jig in your hand to help wrap the wire?

Includes FunJig base, 20 stay-tight steel pegs and step-by-step instructions for WireLace Flower Fun Basics. (Supplies for flowers not included).