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Wire Mesh Ribbon

Flexible, nickel-free, waterproof, and colorful, wire mesh ribbon is a refreshing approach to designing jewelry. Form this knitted, tubular wire mesh into a number of shapes and bake it right into your polymer clay or use it in other low heat projects. You can even layer it to give your designs a completely unique element of texture and shape.

We’re happy to offer our customers wire ribbon from WireLace. Knitted together with incredibly fine strands of brass, copper, and/or aluminum and bonded with an enamel coating, the wire mesh offered by WireLace is colorful, sturdy, and sure to add some unique pop to any jewelry design!


WireLuxe Knit Wire

The design process rarely follows a set path from A to B to C. It requires changing elements and modifying designs as your creation takes on a new personality. That’s why we’re so excited to carry open weave knitted wire from WireLuxe. This knit wire is designed with a striated open weave center and tight knit edge to create a soft, flexible, lightweight knit with a firm structure that can be manipulated into different shapes by simply pulling on one or both edges. Design a necklace with wavy curves along the centerpiece or make a statement bracelet that ebbs and flows around your wrist. Make your design take shape with WireLuxe!


WireLace Mesh Ribbon

WireLace® beautifully blends fine wires of brass, copper and/or aluminum together and then bonds them with an enamel coating to produce bright, bold colors. This nickel free wire mesh ribbon is waterproof, heat resistant under 265 degrees and can be shaped and molded into a variety of forms as standalone art projects or the base of clay, plaster or paper mache creations. Perfect for twisting, bending or pinching, WireLace is versatile and functional enough for any type of project you’re working on.

Contact us today to hear more about this great jewelry-making material and be sure to check out our projects page for some inspiration on how to use WireLace in your next design!

Titanium Wire Mesh 1-Meter Rolls

Titanium Wire Mesh Ribbon

We all love wearing pretty pendants of different kinds to match our looks for the day. Unfortunately, most pendants are made out of metal and are very heavy. We often face the problem of our flimsy chains breaking, and we are never able to find something strong enough to hold the pendants in place. Well for all of you with this problem, Sonoran Beads has the solution.

Try out titanium wire mesh to hold your pendants and bracelets in place. Our woven wire mesh is manufactured in Turkey, and it is strong enough to hold its shape and support your necklaces. The wire ribbons come in vibrant and fun colors and can be gently pulled to create ruffles. These 20mm wire mesh ribbons come in rolls that are 1 meter in length. These form great chains of any length. Add your gorgeous pendant to our titanium wire mesh and you will have a one-of-a-kind accessory!