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SilverSilk Knitted Wire & Components

Knitted from wires of 99.9% pure enameled copper nearly as thin as human hair, knitted wire jewelry chain from SilverSilk is unbelievably durable for its lightweight design. They can be easily cut without fraying, feel very supple to the touch, and also feature a unique woven characteristic not found in standard metal chain. Pair a strand of SilverSilk knitted wire with their bright and bold pewter or brass findings for a sleek and unforgettable design that won’t tarnish and will last a lifetime!

Check out this cutting capture chain YouTube video to get a better idea of the versatility of SilverSilk knitted wire!


Galaxy Knitted Wire

SilverSilk Galaxy Hollow Knitted Tube, a new size and style of hollow knitted wire. We use ten strands of enamel coated copper wire to form a loose-knit, soft, supple, lightweight hollow tube. The 6mm inside diameter makes it ideal for enclosing your favorite beads, crystals, leather, fiber and more! The loose knit allows your material to show through, it can also highlight the SilverSilk Galaxy multi-colored knitted wires. Sold in 24” lengths. The hollow tube can be rolled with a dowel to lengthen the chain and reduce the inside diameter making it a versatile material to accommodate your jewelry designs or craft projects.

SilverSilk Galaxy is nickel and lead-free, non-tarnishing, and made entirely in America!

Leather - 6 Strand, 3 Feet
SilverSilk Leather is created with 6 wires finely woven around a 2mm leather cord that has been treated. This combination of a non tarnish wire over leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord. The final product ranges from 2.8-3mm and can be finished with a 3mm end cap. Length: 3 foot package or 25 ft rolls.
Pixie Knitted Wire - 3 Feet
New! Pixie knitted wire from SilverSilk.

6 strands of enamel coated copper wire, knitted around silicon tubing. The result is a completely non-tarnishing, supple, delicate and attractive knitted wire for all jewelry designs. Pixie is 3mm around and fits all of our Custom Capture End Caps.
Capture 3mm Round
Capture 3mm Round
SilverSilk's Capture knit received it's name because 6 wires are knitted around a bead chain, CAPTURE-ing the shimmer, light, reflections and strength of the chain. SilverSilk's knitted jewelry wire captures a ball chain, giving a supple delicate feel of the knitted wire with the strength and durability of the chain
Pearlesque Capture
This capture chain features a chain wrapped in an AB-finished metallic thread to add a sparkle.
Eight Needle Flat - 5 ft.
SilverSilk's eight needle flat is approximately 4.8 mm wide. Seed beads can be beautifully stitched into, it can be braided, wire worked, used on it's own as a ribbon or chain, embellished and the list goes on. SilverSilk's eight needle flat is the designers favorite knit!
Three Needle Round - 5 ft.
SilverSilk's 3 needle round knit is the thinnest on the line, yet is our most popular of the SilverSilk knits. It is knitted with three needles, thus three wires, and is easily finished with a 2x2 or 3x3 crimp or a crimp end. Easily make 'illusion' or 'invisible' style necklaces or bracelets using the 3 needle round knit.
3mm Hollow
SilverSilk's Hollow knit is a 3mm round tube with a hollow center. This knit does not pull apart or stretch and was designed so that cord, beads, memory wire or wire can run through the center of it.
Knitted Wire - 25 Ft Spools
All SilverSilk Knitted wire is available in 25 Foot Spools.

Metallic Leather
Eight strands of wire (SilverSilk Hollow) into which we inserted 1.5mm round leather with a metallic sheen. You have ten colors of SilverSilk and many colors of leather to create your color combination.
SilverSilk Pewter Findings
SilverSilk Pewter End Caps are designed with inner grooves to firmly hold and finish the ends of SilverSilk's Capture 3mm chain.
SilverSilk Brass Findings
These findings were custom designed and casted for SilverSilk's Capture 3 mm bead chain. They are attractive, durable and easy to use.

**Capture findings have been designed and models casted by metalsmith, William Eric Leth for SilverSilk knitted wire.