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Jewelry Making Kits & Beading Tools

Find everything you need to assist you with your beading and jewelry projects. We have mainstays like beading thread, needles and other tools, as well as specialty items like Kumihimo supplies and books to take out the guesswork. If you like some of the designs we’ve displayed on the site but don’t know where to start, our thorough and descriptive jewelry making kits will take you through each design, step by step.

Our beading thread knots easily and is durable enough to withstand friction from tougher, more rigid beads. It won’t stretch which means your creations will stay the perfect length years after you first design them. Pair the thread with collapsible beading needles to help you make repeated, clean passes on your designs and you’re all set!

Sonoran Beads has all the beading tools you need to kick your creativity into high gear. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Metallic Leather Cord - 2mm
Cut-to-order Metallic Leather Cord. We sell by the foot; enter the number of feet in the quantity box.  We will ship a continuous piece.
Super New Glue
C-Lon Bead Cord
C-Lon Bead Cord is a 3-ply twisted multi-filament nylon thread.  We use it for kumihimo, bead crochet and other simple or complex projects.
Needles and Threads