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Boro Glass Beads

You may be familiar with Borosilicate glass by its more common name of Pyrex. Featuring a very hard structure and high heat point, boro glass is great for crafting handmade glass beads that will last for years and years. It also provides a wide range of bright colors with seemingly endless design possibilities.

Shop with us and explore our selection of slider beads and spacer beads to help break up your shiny, metallic findings and components, or take a look at our novelty beads like sea creatures, leaves, and hearts to give your design a truly unique look.

If you see our logo next to a set of beads, that means those beads are designed by Sonoran Beads and exclusive to us.

Boro Glass Cabochons Diamonds, Sm Disks, Sm
Glass Rings Scallops, Sm Starfish, Sm
Pleated Beads - Flat Back Sonoran Gingko Leaves, Lg Sonoran Gingko Leaves, Sm
Sonoran Leaves, Lg Sonoran Leaves, Sm Teardrops
The most beautiful and versatile glass beads we've ever seen!
Barrel Sliders Regaliz Sliders Spiral Moons, Small
Duplex Slider Beads Spiral Moon Pendants Sonoran Glass End Caps

Donut Beads, Large Hole, Silver & Copper Series Starfish Sonoran Disks, Sm

gingko Pebble Beads Prism Beads

Boro Glass Pebble Beads
Pumpkin Beads Nobilis Sonoran Tiles
Boro Glass Pumpkin Beads
Sea Shells Sonoran Clasps and Components