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All SilverSilk Knitted wire is available in 25 Foot Spools.

Eight Needle Flat - 25 Ft Spools SilverSilk Leather - 25 Foot Spools Three Needle Round - 25 Ft Spools
Leather - 3mm Capture 3mm Round - 25 Foot Spool Pearlesque Capture 3mm Round - 25 Foot Spool
SilverSilk Leather is created with 6 wires finely woven around a 2mm leather cord that has been treated. This combination of a non tarnish  wire over  leather gives the delicate look of a fine knitted with the durable structure of a leather cord. The final product ranges from 2.8-3mm and can be finished with a 3mm end cap. Length: 3 foot package.
Hollow 3mm Round - 25 Foot Spool