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Hand Crafted Art Beads

When it comes to beads, nothing beats the variations and careful design that you find in hand crafted glass beads, lampwork beads, and other art beads. Sonoran Beads is proud to support talented glass and polymer clay artists and their beautiful selection of art beads.

From the intricate and original lampwork beads created by Julie Karnos to the high gloss finish of Elizabeth Johnson’s hand crafted glass beads and the bright, floral designs of Eriko Page’s polymer clay beads, you can find a variety of unique art beads to really make your jewelry a work of art. Support these talented artists, and be sure to share with us your creations you’ve made using these art beads!

Julie Karnos Aquarium Beads

Julie is a full-time glass artist living and working from a small studio in the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains south of Belfry, Montana. She lives on a ranchette on the Clarks Fork River and has been working with hot glass since 2005.

Each Aquarium bead is a unique work of art. Aquatic Fantasy Aquarium Beads are Lentils and will include Clownfish, Jellyfish, Stingray, Seahorse, & Parrotfish. We photographed each one and identified it with a unique product code. Her new Aquarium beads are Rounds with a 2mm hole.

We are very excited to be carrying her beads at our shows and on our website!

Glass Berry Beads by Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson is an amazing glass artist from Boulder, Colorado.  Her glass fruit beads are truly little works of art.  She has created Bing and Rainier cherries, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, salmonberries, lingonberries, and apples that look good enough to eat!  These pieces of art glass have to be seen to be believed.  Add a simple sterling silver chain and some Czech leaves for a perfecly stunning necklace.  Or just put them in a little bowl and set them on a table for an appetizing conversation piece.  Be sure to keep them away from the kiddies!
Eriko Page Polymer Clay Beads
Eriko is a talented Japanese artist specializing in polymer clay beads and fabric art. She has a unique sense of style and color combination and is heavily influenced by Japanese art-- especially Japanese kimonos. Eriko's polymer clay beads are individual works of art. Developing a style similar to appliqué, she layers colors and visual textures to make wearable art.
Floral Headpins
Lampwork Floral Head Pins