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  • Nealay Patel's new book Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire is now available. It features SilverSilk Knitted Wire and contaings 30+ projects. Nealay puts this wonderful material to use in ways you've never considered.

The C-Lon Bead Cord is a 3-ply twisted multi-filament nylon thread.  We use it for kumihimo, bead crochet and other simple or complex projects. Hand dyed silk ribbon gold plated brass crimp end caps Beading book
Beyond the Bead and I by Marla L. Gassner
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C-Lon Bead Cord - Blue Morning, 3-ply twisted multi-filament nylon thread.  86 yards per spool. Handmade, hand-dyed Super Silk Wrap, 100% silk, approx. 34" long x 2' wide. Mango Blend with orange, peach and pink with orange edges 3769G - Gold plated brass crimp Ends, 8mm ID, H11mm, W 9.5mm, one pair

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1717 - Beyond the Bead and I. Complete instructions for making 25 original and unforgettable pieces of beaded jewelry. By Marla L. Gassner.

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Jewelry Making Supplies at Sonoran Beads

Welcome to Sonoran Beads! When it comes to finding a beautiful, vast selection of beads and findings for your next beading project, Sonoran Beads is up for the challenge. We carry a variety of unique and eye-catching beads made from materials like glass and polymer clay as well as findings like clasps, closures, and more so you can design your own beaded creations in an endless number of ways. One of the great things about handmade jewelry is the opportunity to share designs and patterns with our customers! Our site features a collection of instructions and kits so you can create a design that mirrors some weve created, or you can use them as inspiration to make something that is all your own! Be sure to contact us today and share your creations with us. Wed love to hear from you!